bDigital Business Corner is a regular event with a mission to educate SMEs to grow their business online. Widely known as bCorner, materials about digital, finance, IT, Legal, Branding, HR, etc. were given to attendees which are business owners. Our partners from different industries support us to share their knowledge in this event. In conducting Business Corner, we have partnered up with several big players such as Midtrans, BuatKontrak.com, Sleekr, IndoAction Coach and more. To this date, we have conducted workshops such as; 1) The essential Guide to run a successful eCommerce Business, 2) Effective Social Media Marketing for Professional Service-Based Business, 3) How to get customers with Facebook Ads, and more about 4) Financial management in digital era. Partner with us, share with us, and find wider networks here at bCorner!



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