Google Ads for Inti Data Utama


Inti Data Utama is a gold partner of SAP Business One that provides business software to simplify businessmen in running their business


  • Leads from Google Ads.
  • Getting new clients


For Google Ads

  • IDU Campain use several channels in Google AdWords with objectives suchs as conversions or leads. These will be generated from form in website as well as call
  • Formulate Targeted Keywords strategy and relevant copies to the business like Inti Data Utama
  • Other Advanced-Level Optimization every week and do the A/B Testing for several campaigns

Landing Page Strategy

  • Landing Page that converts
  • Leads track when people signing up with form in the website


In 3 months, IDU gained almost 10 leads everyday. With product deals that cost millions of Rupiah, IDU reach ROI which is far more profitable, considering the Ad budget is affordable for business line such as software,

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