Business Trends 2017

Entering 2017, the business and technology are increasingly integrated. This can be seen from the number of businesses that promotes online platforms such as Lazada, Tokopedia and others. bDigital will review 2017 business trends that will be loved by many prospective customers as well as Indonesian Entrepreneurs.


Quick-search feature of Online Store has now been ahead thanks to the increasing number of internet users in Indonesia. Much like the offline stores, online store or eCommerce has the most complete product shelf which buyers can choose. Despite many doubts arose about online shopping, shoppers can now exhale a sigh of relief with an integrated payment system as Midtrans and logistics rapid delivery services such as TIKI or JNE. Some local business owners who had been selling via social media has now also been extended to online stores, such as Culeath and Dewi Anggia.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Numbers of smartphone user in Indonesia was increasing in 2016. It is possible that in 2017 users are looking for easily-access websites that can be viewed only through smartphones. Businesses that have a website were then encouraged to create and design their website to be more Mobile-Friendly. This will eliminate the idea of zoom-in and zoom-out too often
as people are nowadays are triple-screeners (Viewing from Smartphones, Tablets & Laptop)

Instagram Story for business

Perhaps what is in your mind right now "Ah, Instagram story was just for teenager or celebrities. Why does my business need to post also? ". For businesses whose target market is 18-35 years old, Instagram certainly is an option to market the product. Fact: The majority of social media users in the country are teenagers. Teenagers in Instagram are viewing,
posting and sharing in hourly basis. Then, your business will look outdated if you do not have a story to tell. What can you post? The post that will boost the brand awareness of your business, such as "Featured Product for the rainy season," "A Day with Creative Director", etc. It felt short as in 24 hours since you post, the story will disappear. But there lies
the thrill of exploring a story that is especially felt by the user.

Social Media Advertising

"Advertising on Facebook", sounds very familiar to business owners. But not many businesses can optimize Facebook and Instagram Ads. With good content, users can Like, Comment or share the post without realizing that it is actually an advertisement. This is a benefit for businesses to get potential customers, without having to waste money on conventional advertising mediums such as billboards or brochures. Another benefit is the business ads that appear on Facebook will be targeted on the scope of the demographic, gender, hobbies and interests. For example, written on her Facebook bio, Lisa (26) who live in Jakarta like sponge cake from Korea. Business owners cake in Pancoran would target people like Lisa. Business owners who sell makeup from Korea will also be targeting Lisa. As soon as the campaign is running, Lisa will find ads that will invite her to buy a cake in Pancoran or buy make-up from Korea through eCommerce. By doing so, the ad will get to the right people and potential customers was only increasing.

There went a few business trends in 2017 summarized by bDigital especially for you. We also provide a complete online business builder for SMEs. You want to build an online store? Or market your products on social media? We will give the best for you. Visit our Online Marketing page to know more.


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