Garland Florist

Build by Anne, Garland Florist is one of the SMEs that sells a range of premium-quality flower locally and internationally. One of the hurdles for Garland Florist is that they have to compete with local florist that offer a lower price. Even though they already have a website that can reach many people around the world, it still does not help their sales. What is the digital strategy that can be apply to Garland Florist to optimize their sales?

  • Budget: Rp 2.000.000
  • Objectives: Leads & Transaction
  • First Month Result: 8 Leads
  • Average Sale: Rp 14.000.000
We did some A/B test to Garland Florist ad campaign by comparing the local (Indonesia) and international location. In the first month we see that Garland Florist receive more international sales. Therefore, we decided to allocate the remaining budget to the international location for a better result.

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