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Fact: Building a website is not expensive.

Indeed, the cost of website creation by some companies and website designers reach 10-50 million plus the cost of maintenance per month.
Well, it is indeed expensive.

However, did you know that you can have a professional website at a very affordable price?

Yup, ranging from 1.5 million, your business can go online easily and professionally! Not to mention the size of your business possibilities discovered by many potential customers who are interested in your product / service. Want to know how easy it is to create a website with bDigital? Click here to consult directly with our professional team.

Worry not, Partners! We're here to help you building the anti-complicated yet delivering high quality results website 

Did you know? With a budget of similar to low-end smartphones, now you can have a professional website for your business? Starting at a price of Rp 1,650,000, Simple Start package is suitable for you who are just starting a business but want to go online in order to get more people to know. You only need to set up a business information and data assets such as business profile, logo and photographs of high quality. Does not have a professional photo? Relax, you only need to prepare a budget equivalent to four boxes of pizza! Then, our professional photographer will come to your business location to photograph products, staff and all those associated with your business.

Want to grow your business more broadly?

"We buy things we do not need with money we do not have to impress people we do not like."

Quote highly relevant, considering buying branded goods has become a trend to show one's social status. Hmm ... But you know, with a budget of 3+ million equivalent branded wallet, now you can get a professional business website for a year! It certainly would be a smart decision as your capital capture customers online. With drag and drop technology in our platform (If you can use Microsoft Word then you can use our tool, is not it?), You can add pages with an infinite number, update content or any website to maximize
your efforts. Alternatively, you can follow the In Person Training which is done in our office every 2 weeks. So, you can choose according to your time schedule.

Psst, did you know that the cost of advertising of the smallest size (5cm x 7cm) in several major magazine on average at Rp 6,250,000 per month?

With bDigital, you can already have your own online store with cheaper prices for a year, guys! Not to mention the many advantages such as ease of transactions, track sales and others that make you more leverage sales. Our eCommerce package priced at Rp 6 million. In addition, this online store is very simple and certainly more affordable compared to open
physical stores which can cost up to 50 million, including the cost of renting and operating!

But he said to make the website it takes quite a long time. Of course not! Within 14 working days you can enjoy a business website according to the package you choose. The result? The quality will not disappoint! Making the website of bDigital performed by staff experts in the field, so no worries at all! 

Why bDigital?

We help SMEs in Indonesia to go online so they do not miss the opportunity to get more customers online. bDigital provide some services like website building, online marketing even creating logos at affordable prices and friendly on the pocket to adjust the budget you have.

Still have some worries? Get a free consultation with our professional staff. Contact us immediately here.

What are you waiting for? Come, join with bDigital and list your business now! 

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