#MariBerdigital Jakarta - The Grand Launching

(24/08/2016) Mari Berdigital is a national movement to increase digital awareness of local SMEs. Our mission is to do a movement roadshow all over Indonesia’s big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, and Makassar. The movement was launched by bDigital Indonesia and Ministry of Cooperatives Small and Medium Enterprises in August 24th, 2016. It was taken place in Jakarta with more than 400 SMEs attended. The event was supported by Bank BNI, Jakarta’s Government, Google, Astra Life and Midtrans. The materials given were about “Google for SMEs”, “Business Management of SMEs”, “Online Payment Gateway”, and “The Movement” itself. More than 10 SMEs established booths to showcase their products in SME tower, Gatot Subroto, Jakarta. The comprehensive event was a stepping stone for more mini events to be conducted.

The Launching Ceremony of Gerakan Nasional – Mari Berdigital by Ministry of Cooperatives & SMEs and bDigital Indonesia

Jakarta, 24th August 2016 – The Secretary of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs (KEMENKOP), Agus Muharram, with Founder of bDigital Indonesia, Ricardo Santos, have officially launched Gerakan Nasional – Mari Berdigital in SME Tower Building, Gatot Subroto. The event, which is sponsored by Astra Life, BNI, and Veritrans has attracted more than 400 attendances, mostly consists of owners of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), online marketing enthusiasts, and people who are interested in digital business. This event aims to digitize more than 58 million local businesses in Indonesia.

The opening ceremony officially begins the event and marked the arrival of the digital era for the local business community. Mentors and speakers are accompanied by traditional dancers and two flag-bearers in the front row as they entered the main hall. The speakers presented are those who are competent in their respective field, such as Anton F. Siregar (GM Business Division Small Business Bank BNI), Fida Heyder (Product Marketing Manager of Google Indonesia), Andi Silalahi (CMO of bDigital Indonesia), Aldi Rinaldi (Head of Business Group EB Astra Life Indonesia), and Diera Yosefina Hartono (VP of Community Management in Veritrans). After the introduction session, attendees were invited to stand and sing the national anthem of Indonesia, Indonesia Raya. A sense of pride and emotion quickly enveloped the hall as the national anthem were sung.

Agus Muharram (Secretary of KEMENKOP) and Ricardo Santos (Founder of bDigital Indonesia) also deliver their initial remarks in the event which is fully supported by Google. In his speech, Agus said that the movement serves as government’s extension to encourage local SMEs to digitize their business. Not to mention that there is 59 million potential market which is ready to be converted into online customers. He wants to make sure that those potential are not wasted because the creativity and quality of local goods and service are as good as the international one.

The first topic was about Kredit Usaha Rakyat which is delivered by Anton F. Siregar. In the next session, Fida Heyder discussed the potential of Google for SMEs. The attendees were really enthusiast to follow every session since the topics delivered are significant to improve the economy of local businesses. Andi Silalahi was the next speaker and encouraged the attendees to become the reseller of digital marketing. Meanwhile, Aldi Rinaldi from Astra Life talked about SMEs Business Management and encourage fellow business owners to protect its employees with insurance. Last but not least, Diera Yosefina Hartono from Veritrans discussed Payment Gateway. These materials are designed and arranged in such a way that will make it easy for the attendees to receive a compact yet informative insight on the benefit and ways to digitize their business. This event received praises and positive responses from the people since there are many SMEs who also market their product in this event.

In addition to material delivered by the speakers, this event also features mentors for the Q&A session with panelists. The mentors which were invited to the event are those who are influential and experienced in SMEs field, such as Arvid Yap (COO of bDigital Indonesia), Mudi Astuti (CEO of SMEIndonesia.org), Ade Wahyudi (Special Program Director of Tangan DiAtas), dan Eko Budi Wa (Manager Community Development of UKM Center UI). In the panel discussion moderated by Ervira Natalia, both attendees and panel raised a lot of interesting topics and questions which are often faced by local businesses owner, like the unique “Research Online Purchase Offline“ trend in Indonesia.

This event is expected to be the starting point of the upcoming Gerakan Nasional – Mari Berdigital in other big cities in Indonesia. The movement is followed by Mini Events – bDigital Corner which is dedicated to SMEs owner in Indonesia. As discussed before by Diera Hartono in her session, “There are 4 pillars in eCommerce: payment system, online ads, shipping and logistics, and internet infrastructure.” Therefore, bDigital feels an urge need to bring up interesting issues such as online business tips, the benefit of using eCommerce, Online Payment Gateway, online ads, and other related topics for local businesses in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the mini event – bDigital Corner will be held routinely every month in various locations in Jakarta. For more information, please refer to bDigital social media outlets.

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