Social Ads for D'Elegance Clinic


D’Elegance is a aesthetic clinic that focuses on plastic surgery like nose surgery, eye surgery and liposuction. The clinic has been trying to find more patients as they believe in beauty is everyone's rights. The clinic is located in Gandaria, South Jakarta.


  • Leads from Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads
  • The increase of patients that come to D’Elegance Clinic


For Social Ads:

  • D’Elegance Campaign use Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads with the right audience that fit to the strategy of creative
  • Conduct A/B Testing and optimize several campaigns


  • During 3 months, incoming daily leads from both Google and Social Ads were 25. It was not included the future patients that directly call or come to the clinic
  • Beside incoming leads, engagement is also increasing (which is good for awareness); starting from comments, shares even messages in inbox. This is mostly because the nature of Indonesian people who are more convenient when they consult first before purchasing 
  • With the total daily leads, incoming patients every month is almost fully-booked. The significant increase of patients is around 40-6- more surgeries every month.

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