This is the hottest product in Instagram!

Did you know that 67.5% Instagrammers aged 18-35 years in Indonesia are following the fashion retailer accounts? That means, fashion products is a number 1 product which

were followed by Indonesia’s instagrammers. According to a survey conducted by Jakpat, fashion-selling product is the boss like t-shirts and blouses. While the second favourite is the bag and accessories such as sunglasses, watches,caps, etc.

Well, it is certainly advantageous to Entrepreneurs promoting their products in the fashion Instagram. Thus how actually can we optimize the sale of fashion products on Instagram? Let's check out some of the tips below!

1. Upload Artsy Photos

In short, make you proud when the target audience to follow your account. Instagrammers tend to follow an account with a photo interesting and in line with their lifestyle. So, please take your time to organize the products as attractive as possible for the sake of a photo. Remember, you are selling not just products, but a lifestyle. Your target is to make the target
audience you say "I really!" While viewing your photos. For example, if you sell boots for men, then you can upload a photo of a man who was wearing the shoe on the bike. Indirectly, the photos will give the impression that macho and cool to your shoes. If you are good at playing with your content, it is not likely the product you will no longer be an option, but a necessity so that your followers even compelled to buy your product.

2. Feature Your Followers

Mostly, the Instagram users are people who love to share about their daily lifestyle with others. If your brand is inline with the look and feel of Instagram them, then they will proudly share your photos showing the products. The advantage, your product is also known by friends of your followers. As a token of appreciation, you can meregram the photo and give a
small gift to the selected photos. Psst.. This is what big brands have been doing in their Instagram!

3. Schedule your posts

There are many events that you can make your content on social media, such as New Year, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Harbolnas, Christmas, etc. Lest you miss this special momentum to just congratulate and show your concern for customers. In fact, if you have the budget, you can take advantage of the moment to the promo. It certainly would
make followers to always visit your profile. Hmm..worth to try!

In addition to the three tips above, there are many more helpful tips to maximize the potential of Instagram and other social media for business. Want to know? Follow bDigital's social media for the latest updates!


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