Business Website? Checked. What's Next?

Once, convenience goods business website owned by Mr. Ahmad finally completed. Mr. Ahmad was absurdly excited to see the website look neat

and attractive. But Mr. Ahmad continues pensive. What should I do next with this website?

The problems that Mr. Ahmad has faced may be similar to your new players online businesses. To remove the anxiety Pak Ahmad and also you, we
have the answer here.

1. Create an Online Campaign

At first glance, the word "campaign" familiar with the period of elections, where incumbent legislators or leaders of nations vying advertise also visited areas. The goal is just one, so that the people elect him. So even your business website. The website you certainly want to be the number one choice is not it? Create an online campaign is one way to
achieve that desire. Are you wondering how to get started? We'll help you here. 

2. Showcase in Social Media

When millions of people in Indonesia were chatting in social media, it is also the time of your business website exist in this trendy media. However, we recommend that you create a social media accounts specific to the business. The goal? Building a community of customers, share information about products or services, as well as the media to control the business's reputation in the eyes of customers. More and more social media accounts of business you had, the greater the odds you reach potential customers. No need to worry about
the hassles of taking care of many social media accounts, because here, you can easily manage everything.

3. Get Support Directly From Expert!

Who does not know Google in this era of the internet. Every day, millions of people looking for information, including a product or service from a Google search or Google search. Simply typing "selling Muslim clothing" for example, a series of online store name will appear on the screen, including a route map to a phone number. Google has Google My Business services intended for businesses that exist in the google search, maps and plus. 

Well, special for you, by registering here, you will automatically be listed on Google MyBusiness!

Now, Mr. Ahmad is pumped to sell online. Beside having a trusted team of online marketing, he will just stand by in front of his computer to receive new orders. Increasing sales both offline and online!

Do you want to be like Mr.Ahmad, but do not yet have a website? We have the solution. You can have an online home for your business in only 14 weeks. bDigital team will build professional unique, professional and effective website for you. Visit this page for more info!


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