Let's Help Indonesian SMEs Together

There are more than 50 millions SMEs in Indonesia and they all need support to grow their businesses. Less than 10% of them are online, majority of them don't make the most of IT solution, and for many, getting financing help or legal advice are hugely challenging. bDigital is committed to help local SMEs to be successful, increase Indonesia's GDP and create more jobs for the society.

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Local SMEs Access

Working with us means you are closely related to over 12,000 Indonesia SMEs database. How awesome would that be?

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Last year we hosted 35 events with over 1500 attendees. It's indeed a great opportunity to network with local business owners.

Network with Our Partners

We have more than 20 partners from digital, finance, legal, telco, bank, and start up institutions that open up access to over 1 million SMEs.

Affiliate Partnership

We help you to promote your products to our customers and vice versa. This is proven to be a very efficient way to increase sales and brand awareness.