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  • Fit Your Budget We offer you a range of packages which will fit your needs and budget.

  • Sales Tracking We provide sales tracking code feature in your website, making you updated.

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The Flow Of Google Ads

Set Your Campaign Objective

Objectives are either potential customers (leads) or sales based on your business type.

Choose Your Potential Keywords

The ones who type your certain keywords in Google will be your potential customers.

We Manage Your Campaign

Not only start your Ad campaign, we’ll analyse the result & optimize the Ads for a better result.

Cases Study

  • 09/06/2017 - Arinda Idris 0 Comments
    Google Ads for D'Elegance Clinic


    D’Elegance is a aesthetic clinic that focuses on plastic surgery like nose surgery, eye surgery and liposuction. The clinic has been trying to find more patients as they believe in beauty is everyone's rights. The clinic is located in Gandaria, South Jakarta.


    • Leads from Google Ads
    • The increase of patients that come to D’Elegance Clinic


    For Google Ads:

    • D’Elegance campaign use several channels in Google AdWords with conversions as objective
    • Formulate Targeted Keywords strategy and copies that relevant to the business like D’Elegance
    • Other Advanced-Level Optimization every week and do the A/B Testing for several campaigns

    Landing Page Strategy:
    • Landing page that converts and relevant
    • Planting tracking code so that incoming leads can be tracked


    • During 3 months, incoming daily leads from both Google and Social Ads were 25. It was not included the future patients that directly call or come to the clinic
    • Beside incoming leads, engagement is also increasing (which is good for awareness); starting from comments, shares even messages in inbox. This is mostly because the nature of Indonesian people who are more convenient when they consult first before purchasing 
    • With the total daily leads, incoming patients every month is almost fully-booked. The significant increase of patients is around 40-6- more surgeries every month. 
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  • 09/06/2017 - Arinda Idris 0 Comments
    Google Ads for Inti Data Utama


    Inti Data Utama is a gold partner of SAP Business One that provides business software to simplify businessmen in running their business


    • Leads from Google Ads.
    • Getting new clients


    For Google Ads

    • IDU Campain use several channels in Google AdWords with objectives suchs as conversions or leads. These will be generated from form in website as well as call
    • Formulate Targeted Keywords strategy and relevant copies to the business like Inti Data Utama
    • Other Advanced-Level Optimization every week and do the A/B Testing for several campaigns

    Landing Page Strategy

    • Landing Page that converts
    • Leads track when people signing up with form in the website


    In 3 months, IDU gained almost 10 leads everyday. With product deals that cost millions of Rupiah, IDU reach ROI which is far more profitable, considering the Ad budget is affordable for business line such as software,

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  • 09/06/2017 - Arinda Idris 0 Comments
    Google Ads for Zulu


    Zulu sells helmet and other accessories. Facemask is the newest product that uses anti-pollution filter technology which is advertised by bDigital. As Facemask product with remarkable technology and premium quality is the newcomer in Indonesia, the Ads then were run through several channels


    • Sales from Google Ads


    For Google Ads

    • Zulu Campaign used several channel in Google AdWords with the targeted keywords & the right copy  
    • Other Advanced-level optimization every week
    • A/B testing with several campaigns


    So far, Zulu gained 15 - 20 sales everyday from Zulu eCommerce. Engagement is increasing as many people would've wanted to consult before purchasing. Zulu become more well-known, especially by bike riders and commuters. 

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