Mobile Advertising

Place Business Ads at Mobile Phones

Our new service is guaranteed to make the right audiences purchase your products. We will market your products in their fingertips and direct them to purchase.

Our Specialty

  • Mobile-Focused Advertising People’s attachment to mobile phones is our leverage in marketing your products.

  • Reach Targeted Audiences With database from 5 Indonesian telco, your Ads will reach the right audiences.

  • Location Based Advertising With this technology, anyone near your business will come to purchase.

  • Customize Sender ID Blast SMS to audience with your own Sender ID. Be unique, bDigital!

Consult your Mobile Marketing Needs with us. It’s Free!

Our Features

Set Your Campaign Objective

Objectives are either potential customers (leads) or sales based on your business type.

Choose Your Potential Audiences

We show your Ads to people based on location and profiling of your potential customers.

We Manage
Your Campaign

Not only start your Ad campaign, we’ll analyse the result & optimize the Ads for a better result.